APOP U18 Team-Danger of demotion finally over

APOP U18 Basketball Team – APOP Basketball Club

The APOP U18 Basketball team, my team, competed in the Pancyprian 1st category U18 championship this year. Unfortunately we did not manage to qualify to the 8 teams that would continue the race for the championship. Therefore the 4 teams that were left our including our team had to compete against each other in a series of matches. In the end one of the 4 teams would demote and next year would compete in the 2nd category. Luckily we managed to get a head start with 2 points more than the other teams. That was because we ended the first series of the championship games with a lead of two more wins.

Because of that we only needed to get two more wins against specific teams. That way we would not be in danger of demoting in the 2nd category anymore. Something that would mostly concern the APOP Basketball Club and the kids that would take our place in the coming years. Finally we were able to win the two matched we needed and secure our spot in the 1st category. This is not only good for our team but also for us that will graduate this summer and have a lot of studies. The race is now over. Our fear of demoting is nowhere to be seen and we can finally focus on our studies that will determine our future.