MABs Life Updates

Life Updates

This post is basically just an explanation for my recent inactivity. Like i have expressed on the About section this being my last year i had much studying to do due to my upcoming exams. I am happy to say that 3 of my exams are now over. I believe i did well on two of them but not so much on the third one. There is one more left which is considered somehow easy and hopefully i will do good on that one too. When i finish my exams a short time later i will go to Greece for holidays with my friends for about a week. During that time i will probably post some photos and descriptions from where we go.

Moreover i have also started to read a new book. A book concerning everyone’s life and the key to having the life you want. It has changed my perspective on life and taught me that you can accomplish anything you want. But only if you really want it. I will be finishing this book soon enough and for those interested i will post the name and a short description of it in the Work section.