MABs Life Updates – 6/10/2017

Life Updates

This is the first post that i have written in almost four months. The reason for this is that now i am in the army. Being in the army i dont have much time to write and whenever i do i just feel too tired. The army life is to the most of it boring. There are really very few interesting things about it. We just get through everyday having the same boring and tiring routine with not much time to sleep or rest. The are two good things about the army for me. First is that it has helped me understand that books are a great way to spend your time and so i read a lot more. Second we have a really lovely dog here that keeps us company. Despite the minimized free time i have niw , i will try to post some more and spend more time updating my website.

Concerning my life outside the army not much has changed. The only change i can think of is that i have a new car for myself now and i have stoped using my parents’ cars.