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Ao no Exorcist – Blue Exorcist

The Ao no Exorcist, or in english Blue Exorcist, is a really great anime. It revolves around two siblings who where raised in a family of priests. The two brothers after some incidents come to the conclusion that they are Satans off-spring. You can only imagine how shocking that revelation was for them having been raised by a religious family.

After finding out about that and Satans intentions, the main character Rin(the oldest of the two brothers) joins an exorcist school so that he can become one. His main goal in doing that was of course to overthrow his fathers malicious plans. It is a really intersting and action packed anime which i really enjoyed watching and i would deffinately reccomend.

For those of you who feel interested in the Ao no Exorcist anime you can click on the link below where you can watch it for free:


Also there is a manga version of the anime if you are more interested in reading it than watching it. You can find that for free by downloading the app below:

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