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Death Note.

Death Note is a very popular Anime among many others. Its story is very unique and that is probably what makes it very well known. Not only weebs but also for everyone that likes mystery and action based material. I must say it is also one of my favorites. The story is based on a student called Light Yagami, who accidentally discovers the Death Note. A notebook that fell from the sky, which allows anyone who has it to kill just by writing a name in that notebook. The increasing amount of deaths draws the polices attention and so “L” is called to solve the case. The Death Note is filled with plot twists and that is what probably makes it so great.

Personally i love the two main characters. Light Yagami and “L”. Their intelligent minds make them really likable. For those of you who feel interested in the Death Note you can click on the link below where you can watch it for free. Also if you prefer to read it in a manga form then feel free to click the second link and download the app which is also free.

Anime : www.kissanime.ru

Manga: www.mangarockapp.com

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