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Parasyte Anime

Parasyte is an anime that was recommended to me by a friend of mine who watches a lot of animes. The story is about parasites that take over humans and animals brains and therefore take control over them. The whole story is based on a high school boy who was almost taken over by one of them but somehow prevented the parasite from taking over his brain. The rest of the anime revolves around that incident and all the things that follow it up. Saying more about it would spoil it so i will stick to this.

The parasyte anime consists of 24 episodes each one about 20 minutes long. It is filled with scenes with a lot of blood and fighting so whoever likes that kind of thing i would recommend giving it a look. It’s action filled and the story is also really nice with a lot of unexpected outcomes. Personally i really enjoyed watching it and i would recommend it to anyone who has no problem with bloody scenes.

For those of you who feel interested in the Parasyte anime you can click on the link below where you can watch it for free:


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